You may be wondering what the heck this essential oil talk is really about. Is it total crap? Am I a snake oil saleswoman? Is this nonsensical #hippieshit or far-fetched Voodoo magic? No, it’s none of those things. Essential oils are, simply put, just pure, powerful, potent plant extracts.

Essential oils are the purest essence of plants, the compounds contained within the leaves, flowers, seeds, bark, or roots of a plant.

These volatile compounds are usually steam distilled from massive quantities of carefully harvested raw plant material. While closely tied to the distinctive scent of a particular tree or flower, aroma is just one quality of an essential oil. The complex chemical compounds unique to each plant not only repel unwanted insects and attract desired ones, these chemical constituents also play important protective functions for the plant. And they bring these amazing properties with them into essential oil forms for human use as well, from health care practices to self care to cooking.

Essential oils don’t just smell good, they have the potential to transform your health and home. Everyone needs these precious oils in their routine in some way or another. Oils can be powerful mood enhancers, sleep aids, and can replace most of your household and personal care products. Essential oils and the plant power they bring can truly empower anyone to become a healer in their home. But before getting into that, watch this quick video to learn a bit more:

“there are no wasted efforts in nature”

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