DoTERRA is an ethical company that uses it profits to give back and improve the world we live in. Through the international Healing Hands non-profit foundation, through the Co-Impact Sourcing initiative that ethically provides us with these highest quality essential oils, through the empowerment of countless individuals to take their basic health and wellness needs into their own hands, and soon through the establishment of over 150 DoTERRA medical centers across the United States – all efforts dedicated toward health, wellness, fairness, equality, community and transparency. The Healing Hands organization has taken special interest in stopping human trafficking, partnering with Days for Girls and Operation Underground Railroad. DoTERRA also welcomes and grants aid to Wellness Advocates on their own special mission-based humanitarian projects.

Read more about the mission in DoTERRA’s own words:

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Foundational Essential Oils

Why did I partner with and choose to take on a leadership position within the DoTERRA organization? Yes, to hopefully someday make some extra income. Also to further my mission to help show people that making small lifestyle changes and switching to safer products is doable, affordable, and most of all, impactful. I wanted to join a community of like-minded individuals, caring and driven people who believe that the medical care system in our country is broken, and who passionately believe in sharing a different way of life. Using DoTERRA’s Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils and products in place of toxic chemical and fragrance-laden store-bought products has greatly improved my health and wellness inside and out, and made me feel even more empowered on my “clean living” journey.

The first time I burned myself on a cooking pot and remembered that Lavender was good for burns, I was hesitant to try it. My brain told me that putting an essential oil on my inflamed and hypersensitive skin couldn’t be a good time and would feel like alcohol on a cut. But I’d been reading so many amazing and time-tested materials about the soothing properties within this little purple-labeled bottle. So using myself as a guinea pig of sorts, I steeled myself and applied a drop to my throbbing hand. No burning. No stinging. No magical numbness either. I was surprised. I let the oil sink in and went about my business. About 30 minutes later I applied another drop, and within the next hour was happily staring at my pain-free hand. Normally this minor burn would have been bothering me throughout the night; instead, the lavender soothed the minor singe and set it more quickly on its way toward healing.

Since this first little burn experiment, I’ve had many more experiences that have shown me the power that essential oils possess, free from synthetic chemicals, toxins, filler, side effects, or loss of efficacy. I’ve experienced and shared with others how the DigestZen blend of oils can relieve indigestion through topical application only (amazing!); I’ve seen skeptics try the Deep Blue blend on sore muscles and find relief; and I’ve seen new team members receive their oils and immerse themselves so fully into the oil world that it’s like they’ve always been there. If this sounds like something you’re interested in, reach out to me at or learn how to sign up for your own entrance into the essential oil community here <3