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Meal Plan

All About TerraFIT

Fitness, Personal

Early this year I signed up for TerraFIT, a 12 week workout and eating program. I was tired of feeling weak, sickly and lame, and wanted to really see how far I could get if I didn’t give up. Plus, I…

Meal Planning Master List


I recently did a deep clean of the fridge, which always means an extra satisfying grocery shop is needed. As I gear up to make another week’s healthy clean eating meal plan, I decided to make a master list instead….

Mostly Whole 30 Meal Plan Week IV


  Breakfasts paleo banana pancakes + nut butter tomato herb frittata coconut yogurt + paleo granola sweet potato waffle + poached egg espresso protein shake repeat your fave option(s) twice Lunches chicken salad lettuce wraps cannelli bean caprese salad burrito bowl tuna salad…

Healthy Eating Meal Plan I


After the straight up pounds of white sugar and flour I ate over the past few months of holiday celebrations, I am more than ready to go back to a healthy, clean, mostly #Whole30-based diet. I’m strongly aware now of…