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Purty Picks


Some beautiful things I’m investing in for spring! Clockwise from top left: {Madewell Transport Tote, monogrammed} {anthro Mini Latte Bowls} {Topshop mini Bow Midi Ring} {isaac Mizrahi Kathryn Backpack} {50mm 1.4f lens} {Hunter Rainboots in jade} {H+M asymmetrical cream blouse}    

Butterscotch Chip Blondie Recipe


I used to think my mom’s butterscotch cookies were the best, sweetest, creamiest things ever. Soft-baked, it is hard not to stuff myself sick on them. And since I was feeling lazy when the craving for a butterscotch-y treat hit…

What’s In My Bag I


I’m a total sucker for those “what’s in my bag” features. Luckily, peering into strangers’ purses seems to be a completely acceptable and even popular internet and print activity. From the olden days of livejournal groups, to today’s glossy magazine…

DIY Glass Party Stand


I’ve been itching to create a tiered party stand after seeing so many cute examples on pinterest. As luck would have it, I already had a cake stand. Or maybe luck didn’t have it, since I dropped the matching dome;…

Stop & Smell Like Roses


I treated myself to a copy of InStyle magazine recently and just got around to flipping through it this afternoon. While relishing the glossy, scented pages I noticed an article about three new fragrances with rose as the main feature…