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100% Pure Blood Orange Cleansing Balm


This stuff smells bloody amazing! One of my favorite natural skincare and makeup companies, 100% Pure Cosmetics & Skincare, has come out with a new cleansing balm. This stuff is super handy for dry skin and dry weather like we’ve been…

Simple Smoothie


I’ve never been a big fan of daily smoothies or using shakes or beverages as meal replacement. I like to eat meals with separate food groups, not just slurping down my food like a baby! I like to eat mainly…

Joggers are the New Leggings


I joined a 12 week challenge group called TerraFit two weeks ago, and I’m still easing into the whole working out thing. Setting out and putting on dedicated workout clothes has become a motivating and enjoyable experience since joggers are…

How To Flavor Water With Essential Oils

DIY, Food

I’m one of those people who struggles to drink enough water each day. I know staying hydrated is the ultimate way to keep your body systems moving efficiently and contributes to long term health. But I get so bored of…

Detox Your Life in January


  Join my free cleaner living online challenge this month on Facebook: Personally, I’ll be doing the doTerra Cleanse & Restore Program, a mini Whole 30, and starting a workout program. What are your 2017 health goals?    

What IS Micellar Water?


Micellar water has been floating around the beauty blogosphere for years, mostly thanks to French girls and their “magic” testimonials about Bioderma micellar water. Luckily for us stateside gals, the stuff is easier to try than ever. Brands are jumping on…

A Cleaner Black Friday


First of all, I am extremely happy that the State Parks are free on Black Friday. It’s such a great statement, and I fully intend to take advantage of it. But there’s still some good sales going on this weekend,…

Beautycounter Touch Skin Concealer Pen Review


One of the very first makeup products I ordered from Beautycounter was the Touch Skin concealer pen. Not because I was totally out of concealer, but because I’d always wanted the Touche Éclat concealer from Yves Saint Laurent – a culty…