Please don’t just rush out to the supermarket or Amazon and buy the “essential oils” readily available on store shelves. Since there is no FDA or product regulation in the United States, there is no guarantee that those cheap little bottles contain undiluted, unadulterated, non-toxic ingredients. Much of the essential oils manufactured today are for the perfume industry, and they are made quickly and cheaply, without any attention to the delicate chemical constituents that can be found within each plant.

DoTERRA essential oils are harvested carefully at peak moments, by experienced growers the world over that work exclusively with our Co-Impact Sourcing partnership. Each batch and oil is third-party tested to match unparalleled standards of purity, known as the Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade or CPTG quality control.

DoTERRA CPTG Essential Oils are NOT sold in stores or on Amazon.

Becoming a DoTERRA Wholesale Customer or Wellness Advocate is the best ways to go – your $35 yearly wholesale membership fee includes 25% off retail prices for the year, allows you to earn back shipping as product credit, and opens up the Product of the Month Club. This is like a Costco membership, there is NO selling or monthly purchase required, but you get lots of perks. Like point back on your purchases – does your grocery store give you money back for their toxic-fragrance-laden hand soap, toothpaste and laundry soap? Don’t think so!

PLUS the discount membership gains you access to ongoing oil education and entrance to a large, supportive Facebook group of oil lovers, experts, and beginners like yourself. You will have more than enough personalized help and resources at your fingertips to start incorporating oils in your home and life, address health and wellness deficiencies, or start switching to non-toxic household and beauty alternatives!


You can go ahead and follow the steps below to Sign Up for your account with the Walnut Avenue Essentials team + DoTERRA family! All my enrollees receive a Welcome Package including:

  • a personal wellness consultation
  • Walnut Avenue Essentials welcome package complete with empty rollerballs and more to get your oil sharing journey started!
  • ongoing oil education & mentorship
  • access to our large DōTERRA Facebook group, where you can join a large private community of fellow oilers, read testimonials, and ask questions!
  • business advice, if desired*

*Remember, there is no sales required in a wholesale or Wellness account! Any income potential can be discussed or explored separately from your oil purchase. Many people just end up loving their oils so much that they naturally start sharing them with others


Check out the general Enrollment Kits here, go a la carte, or ask me for a personalized recommendation!

  1. Click SIGN UP (or go to and click JOIN + SAVE)
  2. Enter your language and country (DoTERRA is available worldwide!)
  4. Fill out your details including name, billing address, shipping address and other contact info
  5. Your SPONSOR ID is 3819154 – which makes me, Meghan of Walnut Avenue Essentials, your main contact and mentor!
  6. Create a password and agree to the Terms & Conditions
  7. Select from the carousel of ENROLLMENT KITS – the $35 Introductory Kit is the way to sign up and order a few oils or products a la carte, using the Search Field. A more economical choice would be one of the larger kits, which give you a great deal and waive the $35 fee. The AromaTouch Diffused Kit $150 is one of the best ways to get started with the oil lifestyle, providing a diffuser, eight popular multi-use oils, and fractionated coconut oil (for dilution). The Family Essentials Kit & Beadlets $150 is another powerful option under $200. Check out all the Enrollment Kits here:
  8. Process your payment to complete your order and enrollment
  9. That’s it! Pure dōTERRA essential oils are on their way to you. Congrats!! You’ve opened an account and begun the journey into your new, holistic lifestyle with essential oils. You’ll receive a welcome email from me within 24 hours!
  10. OPTIONAL: Set up your Loyalty Rewards Template for a month from now. Don’t actually Process this order, just add some items to your cart and save the template. You’ll want to look into this, because it can save you big money! Orders placed through the Loyalty Rewards Program template, instead of a One-Time Order, can get you a free product AND product points every month. I’ll tell you more about this later. If it’s not for you right now, no worries. You can always come back to it later.
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Melissa, a rare and precious essential oil