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Travel Photos

Lake Tahoe Interlude Part II

Travel Photos

One of my favorite days up in Lake Tahoe was when we rented bikes. There’s a great bikeway that winds for miles around the South Lake area and even East into Nevada. There was a well-used bike map in our cabin…

Lake Tahoe Interlude Part I

Travel Photos

Less than five hours away, tucked into the border of California and Nevada, lies Lake Tahoe, the United State’s second deepest lake and the largest, after the Great Lakes. In late September I had to pleasure of staying in a…

Travel Diary: Salvation Mountain

Personal, Travel Photos

Miles and miles out in the Southern California Desert, past the Salton Sea, is a truly unique place. A constant work in progress, Salvation Mountain is a colorful, man-made three-story confection in the middle of a flat, barren landscape. It also marks…

PNW Roadtrip | iPhone Panoramas

Travel Photos

I’ve been home from Oregon and Washington for ten days now, not that I’m counting or anything. Getting back into the swing of things has been a little bit tough; getting back into traffic has been even tougher. Ugh. Anyway,…