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The August To-Do List

Personal, Uncategorized

To-do lists are one of my favorite things. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t always complete all the items, and sometimes I start a new one before I finish an old one… But I just love being able to clarify…

All About TerraFIT

Fitness, Personal

Early this year I signed up for TerraFIT, a 12 week workout and eating program. I was tired of feeling weak, sickly and lame, and wanted to really see how far I could get if I didn’t give up. Plus, I…

The Whole 30 Wrap-Up Week IV

Food, Personal

I definitely felt more balanced during the last week of the #Whole30, and most days even managed to prepare three full meals to keep from feeling hungry. I want to reiterate that the plan does not advocate going hungry; I…

The Whole 30 Wrap-Up Week III

Food, Personal

Week three has seen some more positive improvements. Belly bloating has been reduced, and I feel like even some fat has been burned off my tummy (my problem area where weight collects first). I wake up feeling a little less…

The Whole 30 Wrap-Up Week II

Food, Personal

Week two of the Whole 30 is now under my belt…a belt that can be tightened a bit. I didn’t cheat or slip this week. My energy has stopped plummeting and started going back up. I still crave sugar and…

The Whole 30 Wrap-Up Week I

Food, Personal

Week 1 of the Whole 30 has passed, and I’m feeling…tired and a little blah. Tired energy-wise, and a bit tired of eggs. This is a normal feeling, so I’m gritting my teeth and waiting it out. I remember feeling…

Beautycounter – My Why

Beauty, Personal

In early 2015 I decided to become more deliberate with how I spent my cash. I’m financially free enough to occasionally spend my disposable income on makeup and organic foods and shoes and essential oils and other fun but frivolous things. Somehow…