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I’m Meghan, a lifestyle & wedding photographer with a love of all things beautiful. My pursuit of a cleaner lifestyle has also led me to become a DoTERRA Wellness Advocate Beautycounter Consultant. I want to help others live a cleaner and more beautiful lifestyle! The only way to protect yourself is to learn how to switch to safer products, or make your own from simple ingredients. But cleaning up your lifestyle doesn’t mean you have to change your style! You can start here.

When I was a kid, I was really interested by herbals and natural homemade products, and devoured all the books I could find at the library. I made herbal infusions and masks and sewed lavender into pillows. But once peer pressure reared it’s fugly head, I put down my amulets and turmeric and turned to more mainstream (and toxic) pursuits such as Bath & Body Works lotions and drugstore makeup. As I grew into my own, and continued to be inquisitive about the world around me, my attention has come full circle. In early 2015 I vowed to switch to cruelty-free cosmetic and personal care products – no easy task! But I was determined to take back my power and use my dollars with more thought. This vow eventually led me to cleaner eating and the Whole 30, and this led me to Beautycounter (read more about that here) and being an advocate for change. In 2016 I joined my friends and took over a DoTERRA team of over 125 essential oil users/lovers (read more here).

Why the name “Walnut Avenue”? I was born and raised in a little beach town called Santa Cruz, California. On a street downtown called Walnut Avenue is a gorgeous little tree-lined stretch of timeless and whimsical old Victorian homes. I grew up dreaming of living on that idyllic block, of sort of going back in time to a “simpler” time and place. I still live and work in sunny Santa Cruz, though not on my dream street (yet). I hold onto that same desire to create a life of intention, by living my life as deliberately as possible. I create the life I want to live.

This site is dedicated to exploring cleaner beauty, food and self-care. It’s where I occasionally delve into ethical consumption and the challenges of reducing waste. It’s a way to document my journey as a photographer and occasional road-tripper. It’s how I focus on creating a glam life on a grunge budget. All in all, Walnut Avenue is a little bit coastal, a little bit rock ‘n roll. I want it to be a place for like-minded gals to stop, sit down, slip off your flip-flops, and take a peek around. Maybe a fire will get lit beneath you, and you’ll want to learn more about cleaner living. Maybe you’ll want to learn more about essential oils or Beautycounter. Or maybe you’ll simply feel less overwhelmed when it comes to “switching to safer,” because you’ve got me!

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